We now understand that most of the diseases we face in this modern world can be improved or even reversed by a change in our diet!

If you look at this another way following the standard Ämerican or Äustralian diet is making us all ill. The excess amounts of carbohydrates and unhealthy seed oils we consume are significantly changing our body’s own capacity to maintain health and optimal weight. Our energy levels are poor and many of us live with aches and pains and a poor ability to concentrate. What is even worse, we have come to expect this as normal, just waiting for the time when we will start taking pills to fix our health problems. The number and variety of pills we take simply increases the older we get. No wonder many of us feel helpless and resigned to a diminishing state of health as we get older.

If you can see a condition on this graphic that describes you, then it is very likely that a change to a Low Carb or Ketogenic diet can make a significant difference to your current health status AND  the quality of your future health and longevity. Real food and a sensible approach to eating is the answer and we can show you how to do this based on your individual health parameters. It is achievable, it makes good sense and the sooner you make a change the sooner you can start to feel the benefits!

We reproduce this resource from PreKure™️ which neatly summarises the effects of too much insulin, a disrupted metabolic state brought on by eating too many carbohydrates (ie. the standard diet). PreKure is a New Zealand based organisation dedicated to nutrition education. www.prekure.com


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