Important Information

For the duration of the the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering Telehealth consultations with Dr Johnson at no cost to you. You will be offered the opportunity to have an assessment made of your metabolic health, relevant investigations ordered and then a follow up discussion of these results and recommendations.

Our normal range of medical services will be restricted to the above, however we can offer supervision for ketogenic diets where appropriate . This service has an hourly rate, not covered by Medicare.

Please either: call 3357 3470 or send an email inquiry via our contact page.

Our current office hours are Monday to Thursday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Although family history plays a role so does metabolic health. One of the most important drivers of disease is insulin.

The relationship between obesity and cancer can be simply stated: Obesity is related to high levels of insulin and the insulin effect is to cause inflammation, lock up fat and increase the likelihood of cancer.
This increases the amount of stored visceral fat (also known as inflammatory fat, organ fat or hard fat) which is implicated in disease and a marker of ill health. The effect of this is metabolic disease and poor mitochondrial health.