This man is obese and has multiple medical conditions. He has type 2 diabetes, bladder cancer, mild kidney failure, high blood pressure and evidence of a fatty liver. These are common conditions, often occurring together and collectively known as metabolic diseases. They result in poor health and shortened lives.

Obesity – this is caused by prolonged periods of excessive calorie intake, in other words a surplus of energy. Most of this energy is derived from carbohydrates (sugars) and over time we need more and more insulin to keep our blood sugars normal. This leads to insulin resistance. High levels of insulin lock up body fat preventing weight loss when dieting. Insulin resistance is the pathway to type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes – is also called maturity onset diabetes and known to be lifestyle related. It used to be called non-insulin dependent diabetes but many people nowadays receive insulin. Commonly regarded as inevitable and permanent with reliance on long term medication, but we now know better.

Cancer – glucose is the fuel of choice for most cancers and insulin helps cancer grow, reducing both will lead to better outcomes for people suffering from cancer.

Kidney disease – known as diabetic nephropathy is a disease of the small blood vessels in the kidney caused by high levels of sugar and insulin. In the early stages it may be reversible.

High blood pressure – Insulin and carbohydrates also cause inflammation of arteries leading to arterial disease and narrowing of the arteries. A low carb low insulin state reverses this, lowering resistance and therefore lowering blood pressure.

Fatty liver – High levels of blood sugar result in sugar being converted to fat (triglycerides). The liver fills with triglycerides leading to long term fatty liver which eventually causes fibrosis of the liver. A fatty liver is easily reversed in the early stages with a low carb diet.

What Should This Man Do? With some urgency he should avoid carbohydrates (he will survive, we don’t need them) and use the alternate fuel source, fat. The liver converts fat to ketones a much more healthy fuel.

We can help you achieve this using safe, sound and research proven principles.