For those unfamiliar with the term Gish Gallop it is a rhetorical technique, named after an American creationist, Duane Gish, who employed it. It’s a term for when you throw out copious amounts of half-truths and baseless claims in rapid succession, knowing your opponent cannot rebut each one in the available time. It’s based on the premise that it takes vastly more effort to debunk nonsense than it takes to put it out.

You might have noticed that the media is full of conflicting stories about low carb/LCHF eating or the ketogenic lifestyle. There are numerous stories about good fat/bad fat, advice to avoid eating fat, confusion about high cholesterol and treatment with statins, the recurrent theme that a ketogenic diet is bad for you, that calories in = calories out, that you should exercise to lose weight and so on. All this serves to confuse and is driven by the ignorant, commercial interest, sensationalism and the need for a “good” story even if it is inaccurate.

It is very important to get unbiased and accurate information about the low carb (LCFH) ketogenic diet. We are ketogenic ourselves and understand and agree with the principles completely.