I am 60 years old and have been a T2 diabetic for 15 years and taking medications for the past 10. Just 5 weeks after a supported program with Ketogenic Life I was able to stop my medication and my sugar levels are lower now than they were when I was on them! I have lost weight and I feel great! My GP said I would have been starting insulin injections had I not made this change to my diet. I couldn’t have done it on my own. Thank you to the team at Ketogenic Life!

I saw Dr Johnson for my yearly skin check and we got to talking about my weight. He suggested some blood tests and he discovered that my insulin levels were very high. I have tried different diets without success and my weight has increased year by year. He explained that I needed a structured low carb approach to eating to address the problem of insulin resistance. I started making changes with the help of the Keto-Metabolic staff and I was delighted to see that my body shape has changed and my skin has shrunk to fit as I have Iost the weight. It was easier than I thought it would be.

I never really had a weight problem till I hit menopause and just as I expected, my weight started to creep up. I had always been conscious of my health and tried to eat the recommended foods according to the food pyramid. But it didn’t work! Even when I exercised the weight didn’t shift. I knew there had to be something better than counting calories and struggling against constant hunger! Finally, with the help of the staff at Ketogenic-Life I have regained my ideal weight and I know how to keep it there! I know a lot more about food and can make better decisions when cooking and shopping. It’s been much easier than I feared.


I was really worried about my health into the future. My mother got diabetes when she was my age, and my father died from cancer in his 60s. I had heard about the health benefits of a low carb, ‘keto’ diet but I wasn’t sure how to approach it. Everyone was talking about keto and it was pretty confusing, plus I thought it might just be a bit of a fad. When I saw that this was a clinic that approached things by doing tests first, I thought I would give it a go. They answered all my questions and gave me the confidence to do something different. It’s been much easier than I thought it would be and I can’t imagine ever going back to my old ways. It makes sense that what you eat can make a huge difference to you health.


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