I am 60 years old and been a diabetic for 15 years and taken insulin for the past 10. Just 5 weeks after starting the Ultra Lite diet I was able to stop my insulin and my sugar levels are lower now than they were when I was on insulin. I have lost weight and I feel great!

I had gastric band surgery but after three years I started to put on weight. I have always been interested in food and cooking for myself and my family. I have exercised regularly and I thought that I was doing enough to control my weight. When Dr Johnson suggested the Ultra Lite metabolic approach I was very keen. I have now reached my goal and have the knowledge to continue and to maintain a healthy weight. I am a bit of a foodie and I was amazed how easy it is to make tasty food and still follow the program.

I saw Dr Johnson for my yearly skin check and we got to talking about my weight. He suggested some blood tests and he discovered that my insulin levels were very high. I have tried different diets without success and my weight has increased year by year. He explained that I needed a structured low carb diet to address the problem of insulin resistance. I started on the Ultra Lite diet and I was delighted to see that my body shape has changed and my skin has shrunk to fit as I have Iost the weight. It was easier than I thought it would be.



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