Important Information

For the duration of the the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering Telehealth consultations with Dr Johnson at no cost to you. You will be offered the opportunity to have an assessment made of your metabolic health, relevant investigations will be ordered and then a follow up discussion of these results with recommendations.
Our normal range of medical services will be restricted to the above.

We can offer supervision for ketogenic diets where appropriate . This service has an hourly rate which is not covered by Medicare.

Please either: call 3357 3470 or send an email inquiry via our contact box to arrange a consultation.

Our current office hours are Monday to Thursday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

A properly formulated ketogenic diet

A properly formulated ketogenic diet is a very powerful tool and you want to make sure that you understand what will happen before you start. You will get better results if you eat only what is listed and abide by the guidelines and rules. Everything else is flexible....

Combined Fat and Carbs Are More Dangerous Together Than Taken Individually

Summary: Foods containing fat and carbs are manufactured foods usually containing large amounts of carbohydrates and seed oil fats. There are no “good” carbohydrates (sugar) and the fats are seed oils manipulated under high pressure and temperature and...


Ron Rosedale M.D. is a medical professional, specializing in nutritional and metabolic medicine whose key areas of work are diabetes and diet. He is also the author of book the Rosedale Diet. He is an alumnus of Northwestern University School of Medicine, 1977. He is...