X-PERT Weight Program

X-PERT Weight Program

The diet explained

12 weeks x 90 minute group sessions, conducted in a group setting including:

  • Goal setting and review
  • Weight, measurements & check in
  • In-depth topic covered each week
  • Web app to track your progress and
  • a 200-page Resource Folder containing nutrition and health information, support tools, tips, practical suggestions, recipes and food diary templates.


X-Pert Health Weight Program

Energy Balance Theory Limitations
Debunking the eat less, move more myth, and why crash diets are not the solution to sustainable weight loss.

Digestion and Body Weight
Understand what happens to food when we eat it and the impact on body weight.

Carbohydrate Awareness
Assess the amount of carbs in food and your daily intake, the impact of fructose, and how fibre protects us.

Nutrition for Health
Explore different dietary approaches for weight loss (Mediterranean, low carb and intermittent fasting).

Intermittent Fasting
Why fasting is good for you, and discussion on how and when to do it.

Dietary Self-Assessment
Explore foods for fullness, what causes hunger and the concept of nutritional ketosis.

All About Food
Reading and understanding food labels and nutrient guidance for different dietary approaches.

Fat Awareness and Physical Activity
Explore amounts and types of fat and physical activity (aerobic, HITT and resistance) for weight loss and health.

Stress and Psychology of Eating
Stress and sleep – the impact on hormones and weight. And explore the psychology of eating.

Gut and Hormones
Gut microbiota, prebiotics and probiotics and the impact of the environment and medication.

Health Check and Prevention
Understanding health results and prevention and management of long term health problems.

Sustainable Weight Management
Lose fat and keep it off: Top tips for long term maintenance.

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