Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program

A 10 week low carb diet less than 50g but not less than 20g, resulting in significant weight loss.

  • You will have a better understanding of how much carbohydrates currently feature in our western diet and the benefits of restricting those carbohydrates.
  • You will lose your fear of saturated fats and understand which dietary fats to avoid and why
  • The diet induces a mild nutritional ketosis which results in your body burning your own fat stores leading to weight loss.
  • The Ultra Lite diet is based on eating real food prepared by you and does not involve meal replacement.
  • It does involve regular weekly contact with trained practitioners.
  • Although exercise is recommended for fitness it is not necessary for weight loss.
  • No calorie counting is involved.
  • Ultra Lite is a well established diet and has a long history; following the principals of this diet you will establish new habits and this will enable you to continue your new way of eating.
Additional Option:
It is recommended that you schedule a visit with our doctor to discus your metabolic health status based on blood testing, calorimetry (ECAL) and a Body Composition Scan. Please ask at reception if you wish to arrange this.




  1. A unique, well established and proven low carbohydrate ketogenic diet
  2. It achieves reliable and predictable weight loss with minimal side effects commonly associated with dieting
  3. This is a prescriptive diet with real food teaching you life-long healthy habits
  4. The diet is supervised by qualified Ultra Lite practitioners who themselves have benefited from a low carb diet
  5. Weekly support visits are part of the program to keep you on track
  6. The Ultra Lite diet may attract a health fund rebate
  7. There are no meal replacements and calories are not restricted
  8. The diet is suitable for most people
  9. It is cost effective
  10. A maintenance program is available
  11. Optional metabolic screening and body composition scan
  12. Family friendly
  13. This is about lifestyle and the reversal of metabolic disease ensuring a healthier future where you can participate in life to the full.


 Low Carb Clinic

4 Suez Street, Gordon Park, QLD 4031

(20 minutes North of Brisbane City)