Keto-Metabolic Support

Our experienced advisors will support you to adopt a healthy Low Carb or Ketogenic whole food approach to diet and lifestyle.


  • You will have a better understanding of how carbohydrates currently dominate our western diet and learn the benefits of restricting those carbohydrates (a non essential macro nutrient)
  • You will lose your fear of saturated fats and understand which dietary fats to avoid and why
  • You will experience nutritional ketosis and gain the metabolic flexibility and health benefits of burning fat as fuel instead of glucose
  • We will encourage you to eat a variety of whole foods to ensure good macro and micro nutrient intake. Foods which are nutrient dense and which naturally control cravings and hunger
  • Frequency of support will be at your discretion based on your goals. Consultation fees are time based (see pricing information)
  • We do not sell products or supplements. Our recommendations are based on home cooked meals which you prepare yourself
  • We will encourage exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle plan
  • We can show you how to use the many apps. now available to monitor and inform your progress
  • We will introduce you to the many beneficial websites which contain up to date and reliable information
  • By seeing our doctor first and obtaining important metabolic baseline data we can better match our advice to your individual needs
  • Our recommendations will be specific to your unique health profile and goals. Weight loss is only one of the many reasons to adopt a Low Carb or Ketogenic eating approach
  • We will guide you through the process and show you how to go forward yourself following a Low Carb approach for the long term
  • We firmly believe that a Low Carb or Ketogenic eating approach should be a lifelong ambition aimed at achieving better health now and into your future. A healthy long life and one in which you can participate fully.

Please note:

To improve individual client health outcomes and ensure safety, our Keto-Metabolic Support consultations are only available once patients have had an initial and follow up consultation with our doctor. This is to determine an individual’s base-line metabolic health markers using specific blood tests, a DXA Body Composition Scan (Qscan or similar) and calorimetry (ECAL) to establish metabolic rate etc. Having this information will ensure that health goals can be individualised, eating plans designed around these and subsequent improvements measured after a period of time following a Keto-Metabolic approach.


A Low Carb or Ketogenic diet has many benefits for health and longevity. However, certain medical conditions whilst potentially achieving profound benefits from the implementation of a Low Carb or Ketogenic dietary approach, require levels of supervision which are beyond the scope of this practice. We reserve the right for our staff to make this decision on an individual basis as necessary. Such conditions include but are not limited to:- Type1 Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes with injected insulin, epilepsy, bulimia, anorexia nervosa, those patients taking psychotropic medications and also advanced stages of cancer. We recommend patients with these conditions consult with their specialist physicians if seeking to make changes to their diet.

Benefits of our approach to a well formulated Low Carb or Ketogenic eating approach and lifestyle

  1. Individual support based on your health markers and DXA body composition scan
  2. We will show you that Low Carb Healthy Fat recipes are easy to cook and the family can also enjoy them
  3. We can show you how to simplify meal planning
  4. We can show you how to adopt this approach long term and find the freedom which comes from absence of hunger
  5. You can choose how frequently you make contact
  6. We can show you how healthy real food does not need to be expensive
  7. Our goal is to ultimately make you independent and well equipped to monitor and track your progress making adjustments as your health and weight loss goals evolve.
  8. We can help you solve issues of weight loss plateaus, show you how to set your macros and explain self testing of ketones and blood sugars
  9. We can explain the relationship between a Low Carb diet and its effects on medications, especially as you progress into a Low Carb state of nutritional ketosis
  10. We can explain the importance of exercise and how to use this to improve mental well being, optimise weight loss and improve metabolic rate
  11. We can discuss the role of fasting and when to introduce this
  12. We can explain the role of sleep and stress management and its impact on overall health and maintenance of a healthy weight
  13. We can give you the reasons for following this way of eating so you can spread the good word to your friends
  14. We can give you tips for shopping, eating out and travel!


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