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Rather than feeling powerless you can take charge and change things with our guidance and support. We will encourage you to take steps to improve your overall health by following a whole food Low Carb or Ketogenic eating plan and lifestyle. This is not about dieting, this is about a permanent lifestyle change and rethinking the role of food in your life. Whilst better weight control is an inevitable outcome, our main focus is metabolic health improvements and giving you the knowledge to manage and improve your own health and quality of life.

We start your Low Carb journey with a medical consultation (by appointment) so that we can establish your current metabolic health with blood tests, a DXA body composition scan and ECAL technology. ECAL provides a valid, reliable and accurate assessment of your metabolic rate ie. energy production. It is critical to do these tests to establish a baseline before commencing any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

After a few months of following a well formulated Low Carb or Ketogenic diet and lifestyle these tests can be repeated and you will see how quickly your health markers can improve! They will serve to reassure you and provide motivation to continue.

We know that you will already be noticing improvements yourself within just a few weeks of changing the way you eat. You will have less mental fog, less aches and pains and more energy! You will be using food as your toolbox for better health instead of feeling that food rules your life!

Medical Services

Metabolic Screening

Metabolic advice, screening and related medical services

Medical Services

Metabolic Profile

ECAL (Indirect Calorimetry): Advanced technology taking the guesswork out of metabolic health

Keto-Metabolic Support

Our experienced staff will support you to adopt a healthy low carb/ ketogenic whole food approach to diet and lifestyle.


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