Price Structure

Medical Services – Dr Ian Johnson

Consultations with our GP are as follows:- Initial and follow up appointments are time based. Please note all initial consultations are $255.00 minimum regardless of time/rebate

$255.00 30 mins   (Medicare rebate =$75.05)
$305.00 30-45 mins   (Medicare rebate = $110.00)
$345.00 45-60 mins   (Medicare rebate = $110.00)


Keto-Metabolic Services – Cathy and Julie

Keto-Metabolic Support consultations:- Non GP services please be aware no Medicare or health fund rebates apply.


Initial/comprehensive 60 mins = $125.00 Health assessment, set up tools for measuring/apps, setting goals, eating recommendations, testing, electrolytes

Follow ups (only after an initial consultation)

  • Simple 30mins = $50.00 Review progress, problem solving (maximum 3 simple issues or one complex eg. fasting or exercise)
  • Advanced 45mins = $75.00 Review progress, problem solving, new eating recommendations
  • Complex 60mins = $105.00 Summarise progress, setting new goals and planning for the long term
  • RETURN complex 60 mins = $105.00  Any consultation after a lapse of 3 months

ECAL Calorimetry

ECAL calorimetry $105.00 – includes patient and doctor report with interpretation. Please note no Medicare or health fund rebate. Subsequent follow up tests $75.00


 Low Carb Clinic

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