Frequently asked questions

What is a low carbohydrate diet?
A daily dietary intake of 50-130 grams net carbohydrates. Since excess protein is converted to carbohydrates, protein intake should be moderate. 
What is Ketogenic?
Further restriction of carbohydrate intake to 20 or less grams (net) per day leading to body fat being used as an energy source.
Why a low carbohydrate diet?
Carbohydrates require insulin, excess amounts of carbohydrates require higher levels of insulin, a higher level of insulin is inflammatory, increases the risk of insulin resistance leading to diabetes, lays down fat especially in the belly, increases the risk of diabetes and in susceptible people may cause dementia.
Why weight loss?
This will lead to improved metabolic health and reduced risks of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular health, diabetes, cancer and dementia?
Why Ketogenic?
A sustained ketogenic state helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, it optimises health and reduces the risk of disease. It can be helpful in the prevention and management of diabetes by stabilising insulin and blood glucose.
What is Metabolic Screening?

We take into account your family history, personal medical history, physical measurements including height and weight.

We order metabolic blood markers, tests that provide information about the current status of your metabolism, including the health of your kidneys and liver, electrolyte and acid/base balance as well as levels of blood lipids (cholesterol etc), glucose, insulin and blood proteins as well as inflammatory markers.

You will be given a request for optional (but recommended) total body composition scan. This gives a baseline measurement of body fat and it’s distribution, muscle and bone measurements. This is an inexpensive low dose radiation investigation that is available from most radiology clinics and can be repeated from time to time to objectively monitor progress.


Why is it helpful?

Metabolic screening can establish a need, for example we can identify pre-diabetes, a fatty liver and other common metabolic disorders.

We can establish potential barriers to weight loss.

Screening can be used to monitor response to changes in diet, repeating these tests after completion of your program.


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