Is there a possibility that we’ve been wrong believing that cancer is a genetic disease? Could it be a metabolic disease instead? And if so, how can a ketogenic diet be used?

Some essential facts: glucose is required for cancers to grow, insulin stimulates cancer, high levels of insulin are required to deal with our Western diet. When insulin levels are high the body becomes resistant to insulin leading to higher and higher levels of insulin (insulin resistance) required to maintain “normal” levels of blood glucose. High levels of insulin drive the growth of cancer. Two effects then: glucose helps cancers to grow and insulin promotes that process. We were designed to run on ketones and for this to happen we need to avoid carbohydrates and be fat adapted.

Dr. Angela Poff talks about cancer metabolism and the therapeutic benefits of ketosis. These are important issues. Please take some time to watch the video, the first minute is the introduction. Dr Poff has given this talk a few times and you may find other versions on the internet.