De-prescribing is a new term meaning the reduction or withdrawal of medication. There are now three common conditions where continued reliance on large doses of medication may not be necessary, they are type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood fats. Type 2...

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Why is sugar addictive?

Sugar is addictive. Sugar comes in many forms includes glucose, fructose, starches, cereals, rice, bread and flour. Sugar acts in the same way as other addictive substances, it stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain. A "feel good"chemical. This dopamine...

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Type 2 Diabetes -Palliative v Reversal

Type 2 diabetes has for years been regarded as chronic and permanent. It gets worse, its progressive and has a bad prognosis. It requires more and more medication. People with this disease have a shortened lifespan and chronic ill health. They suffer from heart...

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What Should This Man Do?

This man is obese and has multiple medical conditions. He has type 2 diabetes, bladder cancer, mild kidney failure, high blood pressure and evidence of a fatty liver. These are common conditions, often occurring together and collectively known as metabolic diseases....

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High Carbohydrate Diet and High Blood Pressure

Essential hypertension: the name given to the majority of people with high blood pressure, in other words cause "unknown". Most of these people have a high blood pressure due to their high carbohydrate diet. The cause of the hypertension is increased resistance of...

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The Role of Intermittent Fasting

There doesn't seem to be a widely accepted standard method of intermittent fasting but perhaps that doesn't matter. In the end it is about understanding why you do, the benefits and what suits you. Fasting leads to an overall reduction in food for that day. promotes...

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Insulin and Insulin Resistance

Insulin and insulin resistance explained. Insulin resistance occurs when higher and higher levels of insulin are required to maintain normal healthy blood sugar levels. High levels of insulin are inflammatory, it locks up fat stores so fat cannot be used by the body,...

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