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Ketogenic Life is a medical clinic with staff who understand, practice and promote the benefits of a low carbohydrate (LCHF) and ketogenic diet.

We are a part of a medical practice established by Dr Ian Johnson and Cathy Williams over 20 years ago. We have a wholistic, individual approach to the care we provide and pride ourselves on establishing long term relationships with our patients.

Julie Brown and Cathy Williams

A diet for everyone

The western diet has changed over the past 50 years, we as a society are consuming much more processed food and carbohydrates (sugars). This has lead to increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia and inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. It is one of the factors influencing fertility, dental disease and mental illness.

We have demonised saturated fats and in its place have promoted sugars and highly processed oils. We are left feeling constantly hungry, making it difficult not to gain weight and develop these metabolic illnesses.

Understanding the causes helps us to provide a readily achievable solution!

With advances in nutrition science we now recognise the role of insulin resistance caused by our high carbohydrate western diet. High levels of insulin cause increased rates of obesity, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, dementia and cancer. Knowing this means that there is a solution to these diseases and that metabolic diseases may be reversed.

Take charge and change things

Rather than feeling powerless you can take charge and change things with our guidance and support. We understand that you will have tried to improve your diet and health many times before.

Being a medical practice our approach to a Low Carb or Ketogenic Lifestyle is unique. We focus on the individual and their health not just weight loss. We ALWAYS start our services with a medical consultation so that we can tailor our recommendations to your specific metabolic health requirements.

We perform a comprehensive set of blood tests, ECAL calorimetry and order a DXA body composition. These tests guide our advice and serve to provide a very important baseline to measure your success objectively and help to keep you motivated.

It is very important to know WHY you might start a Low Carb or Ketogenic way of life. In this way we hope that you will make these changes for the long term, and not just see it as a quick fix. Please contact us today to make your appointment with Dr Johnson! 

What we offer

Medical Services

Metabolic Screening

Metabolic advice, screening and related medical services

Medical Services

Metabolic Profile

ECAL (Indirect Calorimetry): Advanced technology taking the guesswork out of metabolic health

Keto-Metabolic Support

Our experienced staff will support you to adopt a healthy low carb/ ketogenic whole food approach to diet and lifestyle.


What is a low carbohydrate diet?
A daily dietary intake of 50-130 grams net carbohydrates. Since excess protein is converted to carbohydrates, protein intake should be moderate.
What is Ketogenic?
Further restriction of carbohydrate intake to 20 or less grams (net) per day leading to body fat being used as an energy source.
Why a low carbohydrate diet?
Carbohydrates require insulin, excess amounts of carbohydrates require higher levels of insulin, a higher level of insulin is inflammatory, increases the risk of insulin resistance leading to diabetes, lays down fat especially in the belly, increases the risk of diabetes and in susceptible people may cause dementia.
Why weight loss?
This will lead to improved metabolic health and reduced risks of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular health, diabetes, cancer and dementia?
Why Ketogenic?
A sustained ketogenic state helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, it optimises health and reduces the risk of disease. It can be helpful in the prevention and management of diabetes by stabilising insulin and blood glucose.
What is Metabolic Screening?
We take into account your family history, personal medical history, physical measurements including height and weight.

We order metabolic blood markers, tests that provide information about the current status of your metabolism, including the health of your kidneys and liver, electrolyte and acid/base balance as well as levels of blood lipids (cholesterol etc), glucose, insulin and blood proteins as well as inflammatory markers.

You will be given a request for optional (but recommended) total body composition scan. This gives a baseline measurement of body fat and it’s distribution, muscle and bone measurements. This is an inexpensive low dose radiation investigation that is available from most radiology clinics and can be repeated from time to time to objectively monitor progress.

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Discover the benefits


A change in the way you eat

  • Less dependance on carbohydrates
  • Eat less processed food
  • Eat more “real food”
  • Eat sustainably

A change in the way you see your food

  • Educational
  • Learn enough to continue at the end of your program
  • Choose food that will make you well not sick

Educating your peers and family

  • Coping with day to day situations
  • Protecting the future health of your children
  • Collegiate atmosphere

Take control of your hunger

  • Help to control insulin levels
  • Feeling satisfied with your food

Using food to control your health

  • An understanding of your metabolism
  • Taking control of your blood sugars
  • Understanding fats, the good and the bad

Taking charge of your healthy future

  • The earlier you start the better the long term benefits but it’s never too late
  • Some diseases are reversible

Choosing food to live longer in a healthy state

  • Ageing well
  • Reducing medication
  • Improvement in blood pressure and cardiovascular risk

Choosing food to minimise risk of disease and illness

  • Reduction in the dependance on sugar
  • An alternative metabolic state

Reducing your risk of inherited illness

  • A low carb environment is conducive to less inflammatory and degenerative diseases


 Low Carb Clinic

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